Henry Cavill to Star in Immortals Reboot With John Wick Director


Henry Cavill: The actor who has played Superman and who is now Geralt de Rivia on Netflix will be the star of the film reboot of such a mythical saga.Henry Cavill, the famous actor who has played Superman in Warner Bros. and DC’s Snyderverse and now stars in The Witcher series for Netflix as Geralt of Rivia, will be the star of the film reboot of the legendary eighties film saga Los Immortals, by the director of the saga John Wick. This was announced by Deadline, information later confirmed by the actor himself after sharing his first statements about it through his official Instagram account.

The return of an icon of the 80s

Thus, the Deadline media shared last Friday the news that The Immortals (Highlander), the mythical film saga of the 80s starring Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown, would return in the form of a reboot under the direction of Chad Stahelski , the filmmaker responsible for the John Wick action saga starring Keanu Reeves, along with screenwriter Kerry Williamson (Seven Sisters).

Of course, at the moment it is unknown what role Henry Cavill will play and if the characters of the saga will remain or they will bet on original characters; In addition, no other name of the film’s cast has transpired, although it has been confirmed that there will be more important characters in the plot. To all this we must add the confirmation of the actor himself through his first official statements in this regard.

“I’ve been a fan of Los Inmortales since he was a kid. From the movies with all the glory of the 80s with music by Queen to the television series with an actor who looked a lot like one of my brothers. I hope it’s a great adventure that I (and I hope you too) will never forget, ”says Cavill.

Regarding his role as Superman, nothing has been confirmed about his continuity or not as Clark Kent in the DC film universe, although with such a tight schedule with so many roles and the idea of ​​Warner Bros. to bet on a new black Superman in the cinema, they leave Henry Cavill with a foot and a half outside of DC.


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