Henry Cavill (The Witcher), Willing To Star In A Possible Mass Effect Series


Henry Cavill: The agreement between Amazon Studios and Electronic Arts is close, according to Deadline, although at the moment it has not been officially announced. From medieval worlds like The Tudors or The Witcher to the science fiction of Mass Effect. Henry Cavill, famous in recent years for his roles as Superman or Geralt of Rivia, does not close the door to appear in a hypothetical series based on BioWare’s work. And we say hypothetical because to this day there is still nothing confirmed, but in Deadline they point out that the agreement between Electronic Arts and Amazon Studios is not too far away.

GamesRadar has asked Cavill if he would like to star in the Mass Effect series, to which the actor has answered the following: “The truth is that yes, depending on how they execute it. The world of adaptations can be heavy or light. When I like a product I prefer that the adaptation is not very different from the source, so it depends ”. The protagonist of The Witcher has indicated that if the project finds a house, he would like to start conversations.

On the games themselves, he admits that he has not played the most recent main installment due to lack of time, but it turns out that he is a fan: “I have not played Andromeda, I have, but I have been very busy. But [the Mass Effect trilogy?]. Yes, I loved it, brilliant titles. You could make great television series or movies ”.

Amazon will invest in fantasy and science fiction

The only thing that is known about a possible series based on Mass Effect is what Deadline published. Jennifer Salke, the head of Amazon’s division, confirmed to this media that after the success of The Wheel of Time they plan to invest more money in fantasy and science fiction products. Star Trek: Picard and The Expanse, two of the great series of the genre, are part of the platform’s catalog.

Henry Cavill, for his part, posted an image on his Instagram account earlier this year that fueled rumors about the Mass Effect project. The fans saw some references to the BioWare galactic saga and it is not for hands: in the script that he had in his hands there were words like Cerberus or Geth, all of them related to the game.