Henry Cavill supports Us United on Instagram!


Henry Cavill takes part in Zack Snyder Us United’s new movement. He then shares an unpublished photo on the Justice League.

As we know, Zack Snyder is in the process of making the next Justice League. Inside we can find all our favorite heroes. There will of course be the famous Henry Cavill in the role of Superman. A new hashtag is coming to Twitter, it’s Us United.


Because yes, the director likes to play on the nerves of DC fans. So, on Twitter, two days ago, he shared a teaser for the next movie. A single #usunited hashtag. We could translate by “all united”. And a video therefore accompanies this title.

So we see a teaser all in black and white. Which makes it all very powerful. Obviously the biggest fans try to read between the lines and understand some clues. In addition, the actors also publish exclusive images.

Henry Cavill therefore surprises and shares in the story a photo of him in Superman with once again this hashtag. It’s not clear what message the actors want to send but what is certain is that it raises the tension. It’s time for the movie to come out!


Because yes, we will have to wait until 2021 for sure before seeing Zack Snyder’s new film. But this is all going to be very cool. Especially since a lot of fans had been disappointed with the first film. They found it rather flat and uninteresting.

So this time, the director wants to send heavy. Henry Cavill is happy to return to his role as Superman. Especially since from what we know, he was allowed to have more freedom in relation to his interpretation. Will the superhero have more relief?

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We hope because Henry Cavill is a very good actor. But in Superman you can’t really notice it. We are therefore impatiently awaiting the release of this film.


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