Henry Cavill still ready to play Superman after The Witcher?


Is Henry Cavill still ready to play Superman after playing in the Netflix event series, “The Witcher”?

Henry Cavill bursts the screen in the series of Netfflix The Witcher. So is he still ready to play Superman?

Henry Cavill is a multi-talented actor. Sometimes brawler in Mission Impossible, sometimes vigilante in Superman, the latter plays on several tables.

Recently, fans of the actor were able to find him in the series The Witcher. In the latter, the handsome kid plays the main role in the series.

In The Witcher, Geralt de Riv is a renowned monster hunter. He is recognized as the most powerful of his generation.

With his long white hair and his very white complexion, he is a witcher, a mutant with supernatural abilities. A role that sticks to his skin, so much so that journalists ask him if he will be able to resume service in Superman …

The question is on everyone’s lips on social networks. So the sports magazine Men’s Health dared to ask the British actor the question.

And his answer could not be more clear: Henry Cavill will NOT abandon the character, and will defend him at all costs. He thus declared to the press: “Rest assured, I will not give up my role of Superman! ”

It must be said that the fans are worried. The actor has not been seen in the role of his character for three years, during the film Justice League.

He told reporters: “The cape is in my wardrobe, I am not giving up this role, there are still a lot of things I want to offer Superman.” And that’s not all !

Wishing to say more, he concluded: “There is still a lot of story to tell, and I still want to explore the character, his sincerity.”


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