Henry Cavill Reacted to The Fact That Stephanie Mayer Wanted Him to Play Edward in Twilight


It’s pretty well known now that Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix for the chance to star in the Wild, Wild West, but did you know that Al Pacino was almost Han Solo in Star Wars, but turned it down because he didn’t understand? a science fiction script? When it comes to the casting world, Hollywood is filled with these stories of almost and “what if”. In an alternate timeline, we could have the star of “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill in not one, but two famous roles of Robert Pattinson.

Cavill met with Josh Horowitz from the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast and discussed everything from the role of Superman in DC movies to his roles in The Witcher and Enola Holmes from Netflix (both are now streaming on a Netflix subscription) and much more. The conversation got interesting when Horowitz asked the actor to think about some career failures, such as the fact that Stephanie Mayer was the first candidate to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga films. The “Man from Uncle” star was honest about the close casting, saying he had no idea they even wanted him to be in the lead role, which eventually went to Pattinson. Cavill said:

Yes, I feel some rivalry with Batman. No, not at all, I didn’t know about the movie and that they wanted to take me on the role. The Internet was not exactly the tool it is now. I only found out about it later and thought: “Okay, that would be cool.”

Despite the fact that Cavill has more charm and charisma than you could shake, and he would have done a great job playing Cullen, it’s hard to imagine anyone shining as brightly in this role as Pattinson. If we had lost the original actor Edward, we would have lost all the hilarious selections of interviews with Robert Pattinson looking completely apathetic or frankly annoyed about “Twilight.” I wouldn’t want to lose them for anything.

What’s particularly interesting about Meyer wanting Henry Cavill for the role of Edward is that this isn’t the first time two actors have applied for the same role. The Superman actor claimed the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, a role that eventually went to Pattinson. In an interview, the actor said that he passed the audition, but in the end did not get it. Cavill said:

I definitely auditioned for the role of this [Potter], but didn’t get it.

Twilight Author Originally Wanted Henry Cavill To Play Edward Cullen

The actor was written off due to the fact that he was not accepted for the role of Harry Potter because of his age at the time of casting the film. Cavill is three years older than Pattinson, and at the time he was almost twenty years old. And, in his opinion, he was too old to play a kid in high school.

Cavill also found time to think about another unsuccessful career, almost getting the lead role in his favorite James Bond films. The actor said he was told that the role only went to him and Daniel Craig, with Henry being the younger version of the two of them. In the end, the role went to Daniel Craig, and the rest is history.

Since Cavill didn’t get the role of Edward Cullen, we’ll have to use our imagination when it comes to this Hollywood “what if”. But with Craig officially playing the role of Bond, Cavill may still have a chance to put on a form-fitting suit and order a martini. Shake, do not stir, of course. You don’t need to use your imagination about Cavill as Bond, because one deepfake artist has already replaced the actor with Timothy Dalton in Living Daylights.

Both seasons of The Witcher are already streaming on Netflix. You can check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 movie release schedule to find out about all your movie needs in the coming months.


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