Henry Cavill posted a photo every Witcher fan wanted to see


‘The Witcher’ It comes from a fateful 2020, like many other film and TV productions, but the truth is it seems none of them have suffered as much as the original series from the Netflix streaming service. . The first setback came when filming began and a first positive case of coronavirus emerged, and then due to the global epidemic they were forced to suspend everything until August .

When they returned they were unable to use all the locations provided due to quarantine restrictions in England so they moved to a safe studio in London but something went wrong and more cases of Covid were confirmed. -19 . As if something else was missing, in early December they suffered a Henry Cavill , which crashed and couldn’t continue.


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The blow was said to be on his leg after performing a jump with all the armor of the character “Geralt”, which is heavy and caused a harder impact . They confirmed that it is not a serious thing to call an ambulance, but the actor should rest for a while until he is 100% healthy . The good news arrived this Thursday for fans of the video game adaptation , thanks to a photo of Henry on his Instagram account . Look what he said!

“We’re locked up here in the UK so I use my outdoor exercise once a day for my first jog since my hamstring injury (more on that later),” Cavill told me.concerning the accident, with an image where he is seen in a good mood. “It wasn’t fast, and it was definitely a long way off, but it was an important step in my recovery and my first step in getting back on track. ” Continued the last performer of Superman.

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Finally, he detailed how he lived the Christmas holidays: “More than a few glasses of mulled wine and an exceptionally fatty turkey” . In his post he makes it clear that there will be more details about his injury, but the truth is that he is progressing favorably and in a short time he will be back on the set of ‘The Witcher’ for the second season , which at the moment does not have an exact release date.


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