Henry Cavill and some open-legged photos that will leave you speechless


Wow! Henry Cavill and some open-legged photos that will leave you speechless. Everything is marked! Several snapshots of the Briton sneaked into the networks and have fans sighing.

The physical appeal of Henry Cavill is undeniable, few netizens can resist the super charms of this beautiful man. Proof of this are his snapshots that circulate on social networks.

These are three postcards that sneaked into the Internet thanks to the fans and in which the 36-year-old actor exposes his attributes to the fullest.

The images are part of a photo shoot for a magazine, which had the British as the protagonist. Although they were published a while ago, they still generate a sensation among the fans.

In the first portrait you see the interpreter of ‘Superman’ sitting with his legs open and looking seductively at the camera, while bringing some noodles to his mouth.

The second and third photo of the post are from the cover of ‘Men’s and health’. In them the artist is observed with a blue shirt and a tight jean.

What caused the most of these images is that Cavill’s irresistible muscles were completely marked. The fans have not stopped commenting.


“This man is super beautiful!”, “How sexy!”, “Uff!”, “Beautiful!”, “OMG!”, “That smile opens the window of your soul!” Network users.



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