Henry Cavill once told how his favorite NFL team and his iconic character Superman are connected


Henry Cavill is an NFL fan, and his favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs. The man who got his breakthrough role in DC’s Man of Steel has always been a nerd who loves books, games and chess. The British-born artist moved to America to pursue a career in Hollywood. And in a country where the NFL is treated like a festival, it’s very tempting to join this craze.

Cavill is no exception, as the Briton also fell in love with American football. This man is full of surprises, revealing little details about himself from time to time. And in a recent interview, he gave an idea of his athletic side, telling an amazing story about his favorite team.

Henry Cavill and his Love for the Kansas City Chief

The Witcher actor is quite a practical person, and everything he does has several interesting reasons. So it even applies when to the NFL and his favorite team. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor briefly touched on the topic of sports, admitting that he sincerely loves football and supports the Chiefs. The team is based in Kansas City, Missouri. To which Kimmel asked, “How did this happen?”.

According to Cavill, choosing your favorite team should be a permanent decision. And for him, the only constant thing in his life and career is his Superman character. In fact, according to him, if Superman had a favorite team, it would be the same in real life. And what is the logic behind all this? Kent Clark from Kansas. The city that supports the Chiefs team. So it just “adds up”.

When asked if the star would ever want to go to a match, he admitted that he had already been to it! And also have a lot of experience. Actor Enola Holmes also added how great the openings of these games are, especially compared to the scale with which rugby games are celebrated at home in England.

Cavill’s love for his new country has certainly grown stronger. Given his physique and the internet in the game, would you ever like to see him as an NFL character in a movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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