Henry Cavill Is Eliminated, Jacob Elordi Is Denied, James Gunn Is Still Not Sure About The Future of Superman, But Fans Believe That This Is Not The Case


2022 was a roller coaster year for Henry Cavill. The British actor said goodbye to the two most important roles in which he starred. After the change of leadership of the DCEU, the franchise is going through hard times. The studio removed the DC gem, also known as Henry Cavill’s Superman, leaving DC fans in shock as many demanded that Gunn resign.

Recently, Gunn has been doing everything possible to restore the entire DCEU. And in the midst of such chaos and confusion, fans can’t wait to find out what awaits DC and especially Superman in the future. Although the director of Suicide Squad has not yet revealed which direction the franchise is heading, does Gunn already have a plan for Clark Kent’s future?

Did James Gunn just show what the future of Superman looks like after Henry Cavill?

The last few weeks have left DC fans in a state of complete confusion. Despite the fact that several upcoming projects have been suspended and celebrities are leaving the franchise, it seems that Gunn already has some plans, especially for the most popular character in the Superman franchise. Previously, there were rumors that Gunn would give a new start to Clark Kent. And after Gunn’s latest tweet, fans believe that the director has already submitted a comic on which he will base his new Clark Kent timeline.

Suicide Squad recently posted a photo of his coffee along with some comics on Twitter. Gunn wrote, “The secret to happiness is to start the morning with coffee and comics.” Interestingly, among the pile of comics was the Deluxe Edition of All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant.

In addition, to make the situation more exciting, the Peacemaker director had a kind of interaction with fans after his tweet. A fan asked Gunn if he had read the All star Superman edition comic before or if it was his first time. In response to the fan , the DC boss replied: “I’ve read this many, many times.”

What is the All star Superman edition?

The All-Star Superman comic strip, first published in 2005, revolves around the end of Superman’s life. The series follows the slow death of a Man of Steel due to excessive exposure to the sun. In addition, he introduces the audience to many heroic feats of Superman. However, there is no confirmation whether Clark Kent’s new story will be based on the All-star Superman comic.


Despite the fact that Gunn allegedly hinted about the future, only time will tell how Gunn will develop the story of Superman. Earlier, Gunn even denied rumors about the choice of Jacob Elordi for the role of the new Clark Kent. While fans are extremely upset by Gunn’s decision, another theory suggests that Gunn is removing Cavill and Snydervers in fact for the good.

What do you think the future holds for the DCEU?


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