Henry Cavill Has Found an Unlikely Suitor in a French Bulldog Who Has an Altar Dedicated to The Actor


There is no doubt that Henry Cavill is a charmer. The actor has not only a huge fan base, but also a very diverse fan base. Recently, many hearts were broken as DC canceled plans to create “Man of Steel 2” with Cavill. Despite DC’s failure and his departure from The Witcher as Geralt of Rivia, he remains a hero to the masses.

Along with his appearance, one of the sexiest men is known for his acting skills and attention to detail. The actor’s role in The Witcher and other periodical fantasy-based shows creates some iconic images. While some fans get tattoos to show their commitment, others name their children after them. But one unique furry fan has an entire shrine dedicated to Cavill.

How did a French bulldog turn out to be such a big fan of Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has found an unexpected admirer in the French bulldog. Although the actor loves dogs, they seem to love him too. According to FandomWire, the dog has a temple dedicated to her favorite actor on social media. A dog named Rory apparently looked at the screen whenever The Witcher was played. Explained by its owner Heather Land. Just in case, Land watched the 2013 film Man of Steel with her dog. As it turned out, the fluffy baby did not take her eyes off the British actor throughout the film. The dog has more than 5,000 followers on Instagram, and they asked the owner to experiment further.

She then posted photos of different actors to see if her pet would recognize Cavill. To everyone’s surprise, the bulldog recognized him. As for the temple, it is made of several photographs of Cavill, pillowcases, as well as figures of his heroes. The owner claims that her dog not only looks at the shrine, but also protects it.

Anyone who touches the toys upsets her. Despite being a dog, she tends to nibble things, “but not his,” Land claims. But the Internet world is more often fiction than reality, and human fans call it all a hoax. The dog’s owner plans to receive a cardboard figure of Cavill as a birthday present for Rory. It will be seen if Rory will meet his idol in reality.

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