Henry Cavill almost caught the Covid-19 on set?


Hard blow for The Witcher! Henry Cavill’s favorite series sees the shooting of its season 2 still stopped because of the Covid-19 …

Sad news for The Witcher fans! The shooting with Henry Cavill is still interrupted …

Not long ago, it started well for fans of the series. Indeed, the production had unveiled a teaser on season 2!

Thus, the fans had discovered new monsters in The Witcher! Something to make their mouths water …

So they discovered in a video for Halloween all the monsters that Henry Cavill killed and much more … That leaves clues for the future season 2!

However, the latter should not see the light of day for some time yet … Indeed, even if Netflix plans a release for 2021, it may well be that The Witcher is postponed …

Eh yes ! Because of covid-19, the shooting of series and films are rather uncertain … So, as soon as a member of the team is affected, the productions prefer not to take risks and therefore decide to stop everything!


So you will have understood, at the moment, Henry Cavill is not working … Technical unemployment!

Indeed, The Witcher is undergoing a big break while waiting for those affected by Covid-19 to heal… What a mess!

For all those who are worried about Henry Cavill, please know he has not been contaminated! Indeed, in a press release, the production gave details.

They therefore claimed that the infected “are not part of the main cast” and that they “set up a test tour and imposed a quarantine on everyone involved in the series. Phew!

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If all seems well managed by the members of The Witcher, they still faced a few departures… Indeed, one of the key players of this new season had to give up his role because of the pandemic!

The latter had other commitments and the reorganization of the calendar did not allow him to keep his character!

The tile … We want to replace it!


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