Henry Cavill Allegedly Will Continue To Play Superman


After the news that Justice League’s Zack Snyder version will be released on HBO Max next year, this time it has been suggested that Henry Cavill will once again put his red cloak on his back in future Superman films.

DC fans were delighted with the news that the original Justice League, drawn by Zack Snyder, would be released after years of waiting. The production, which will be released on HBO Max in 2021, will most likely be released as a 4-hour movie, but due to the length of the duration, we can also see Snyder Cut as a 6-episode series.

While this news is still fresh, another exciting development has taken place. The rumors that Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. were about to reach an agreement for the new Superman films last week had kept the agenda busy. According to the information transmitted by ComicBook.com, the two sides finally found the middle way. Accordingly, the British actor will continue to play the role of Clark Kent in future DC and Superman films.

Henry Cavill and Warner Bros allegedly reached an agreement for new Superman films

However, the Superman spin-off has not yet been taken action for Man of Steel’s sequel. For now, we can see Cavill in supporting roles in DCEU movies. Warner Bros., who has not yet fully decided on the future of Superman. and DC Comics is trying to figure out where to best position the character in upcoming movies.

Cavill had his red cloak on his back for the first time with the 2013 production of Man of Steel. Successful actor repeating his role in Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League would return with a second Justice League movie, but these plans were shelved after Joss Whedon replaced Snyder during the post production of Justice League.

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We can see Superman in supporting roles in DC movies in the first place

After Cavill gave up the Superman character, many rumors emerged that Warner Bros. was working on a movie based on the Supergirl character. Reed Morano was mentioned as the director of the film written by Oren Uziel, but we learned that Warner Bros. gave up this idea and turned his focus back to Superman earlier this month.

For now, it is not clear in which movies and how the reunification of Cavill and Superman will appear. Moreover, we do not yet know when the character will get a second solo movie, but these developments point out that we will soon receive new news.


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