Hemsworth’s brother offers to be Wolverine in the MCU


Luke Hemsworth, star of the HBO series, Westworld, and brother of Chris Hemsworth, the Thor of the Marvel cinematic universe, revealed that he has an interest in playing Wolverine in theaters.

The actor turned out to be superhero fans since he was a child and said he liked to draw his favorite characters – among them, Wolverine.

“I learned to draw by copying comics since I was 10. I loved Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, as well as Batman. I would have fought Robert Pattinson for the role. And Wolverine! I’m like, ‘Come on, just pass it on, man. Let’s give it to another Australian ‘. I’m going to have to leave some hair on my chest, but I’m ready for Wolverine, ”said Luke, referring to actor Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the X-Men films, and who, like him, was born in Australia.

Remember that Luke Hemsworth was already part of the MCU when appearing alongside Matt Damon and Sam Neill in the film Thor: Ragnarok. There, the three actors were part of a play in Asgard, showing Loki’s death. Matt Damon played Loki, Sam was Odin and Luke took the role that is played by his brother in real life, Thor.

Wolverine was played in several X-Men films by Hugh Jackman, but the actor said goodbye to the character in the movie Logan in 2017.

After Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the mutants’ movie rights in theaters returned to Marvel – also owned by Disney – and since then, several actors have been considering – and also offering to – play the mutant, however, Marvel has yet to confirm who will replace Hugh Jackman in upcoming films.


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