Helps you stay in shape with Apple Fitness Plus


Apple announced its new subscription service, Fitness Plus, where virtual sports classes will take place. While Apple’s new service is integrated with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, the company emphasizes that the service is designed for Apple Watch. The monthly subscription fee of the service in the USA is 9.99 dollars and the annual subscription fee is 79.99 dollars. Purchasers of a new Apple Watch will have free access to Fitness Plus for three months. The service, which is also part of the new subscription package Apple One, will be operational before the end of 2020.

Apple highlighted that most of the exercises in Fitness Plus can be done without a set of dumbbells or equipment. The company states that in this way, users can be given the flexibility they need. There are 10 different exercise types in the service, including cycling, treadmill, yoga, trunk, strength, rowing and HIIT exercises. Exercises can be selected according to their duration, and Apple will add new lessons to the service every week.

apple fitness plus

Users will be able to see information such as heart rate and calories burned on the screen while exercising. The company will also offer smart suggestions to users on the exercises they can do. In Fitness Plus, which will be integrated with Apple Music, the data will be displayed in summary at the end of each exercise.

Exercise tracking has been available on Apple Watch for a very long time. Users can view their exercise data while running, walking, swimming or rowing on the Apple Watch. With the Fitness Plus, Apple is offered another help, besides encouraging its users to “close the rings”.

apple fitness plus

Apple Fitness Plus will first meet users in the US, Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.


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