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YouTube Music has been adding many new features and improvements over the last few months. But the latest innovation seems to be useful for those who like to constantly listen to the same songs they add to their favorite playlists.

The YouTube Music feature, called “assistive playlists”, provides users with the playlist name, current tracks in the playlists, and related songs based on their listening history.

Google’s algorithm will know which song you like and recommend tracks that are not in your playlist but you may like. This new feature offers suggestions for up to seven tracks when organizing playlists. However, you can view more recommendations by clicking the Refresh button.

If you missed any new features YouTube Music announced in recent months, let’s repeat the most important ones for you. First of all, thanks to common playlists, you can create and edit playlists with other users.

Then, with the profile page playlists, you can see other listeners’ public playlists and uploaded music videos from their profile pages on the streaming service.

With the newly added “Mixed for You” section to the YouTube Music main stream, users can access tracks in the Discover, New, Your Mix, or Favorite tracks playlists created by Google.

Finally, YouTube Music also improves programmed mood and genre playlists for those who want to listen to certain tracks. All these new YouTube Music features are available on iOS and Android devices worldwide.

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