Hell’s Prophecy: Meet Netflix’s New Korean Series


Hell’s Prophecy: It seems that Netflix has been investing heavily in South Korean productions in recent months and the bet is already on the streaming catalogue. The Hell Prophecy series is directed and written by Yeon Sang-ho, known for the movie Zombie Invasion, a horror movie that became an international hit when it was released.

Currently #1 on Netflix’s top 10, Prophecy of Hell is a fantasy that addresses supernatural phenomena and religious fanaticism.

The Plot of Prophecy from Hell

“When supernatural creatures start sending people to hell after brutal condemnations, a religious sect emerges that has divine justice as its greatest precept,” says the official synopsis.

Basically, people all over the world start receiving visits from monstrous creatures that announce the day of their death. When the date arrives, these people are violently “murdered” by the entities.

In the cast are Yang Ik-june, giving life to police officer Gyeong-hun, Kim Hyun-joo as lawyer Min Hye-jin, Yoo Ah-in plays religious leader Jeong Jin-su, Park Jeong-min plays television producer Bae Yeong-jae and Won Jin-ah as Yeong-jae’s wife.

Watch the official trailer for the first season of the Hell’s Prophecy: