Hell’s Prophecy: Is the Netflix Series Worth Watching?


Hell’s Prophecy: Released by Netflix last Friday (19), Prophecy of Hell (Jiok, in the original) is a Korean horror and suspense series that has been conquering streaming subscribers. Since its debut, the production has been featured in the platform’s famous Top 10, intelligently addressing different types of fears, doubts and fears, contrasted with the influence of religion in people’s lives.

If you weren’t familiar with the Korean series and were curious to know if it’s worth watching, stay tuned for all the details we’ll cover in the Hell’s Prophecy review below!

Hell’s Prophecy: Narrative is Innovatively Structured on Netflix

The inventive mind of Yeon Sang-ho, creator of the series in question, brought a very valid question to viewers. What if, overnight, supernatural creatures arose to say exactly what day and time of his death; how would you react? Besides, what if these same creatures sent your soul straight to the depths of hell?

Based on this premise, the episodes of Prophecy of Hell focus, at first, on the setting of this mythical universe, in which bodies can be charred until the individual’s final sentence is fulfilled. In these cases, there is a lot of violence involved, screams of despair and a lot of shock for all those who didn’t expect any kind of supernatural intervention in the real world.

Dividing the narrative into two parts, the first three episodes focus on the saga of Jeong Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in), while the last three focus on Bae Young-jae (Jeong Min Park). Both plots are quite powerful in dramatic terms and show, in minute detail, all the consequences of any “attacks” that occur in different regions of the country.