Hell’s Prophecy: All About Demons From The Netflix Series


Netflix launched, last Friday (19), its new South Korean series candidate for “sweetheart” of the public. Hell’s Prophecy, originally called Hellbound, tells the story of mystical beings who begin to appear in the middle of the city of Seoul to condemn people to the underworld.

One of the main compliments of the series has been the terrifying look of the creatures. Director Yeon Sang Ho told, at a press conference, a little about the creation process of the demons, called Executors.

“When I was thinking about them, they just popped into my head. But [these demons] existed a long time ago and could have existed in history. I think the ones we know are formed from images that people in history have imagined. these [images] are based on the imagination that our predecessors had,” he explained.

Sang Ho said that in the process he tried to imagine how our ancestors created the classic images of demons. To do this, he did an imagination exercise to think about what these people were looking at, what they had seen, and from what perspective they created the fallen angel paintings.

“I wanted people to feel extreme terror looking at these Enforcers… So when we think about the word ‘hell’, there are images that [instantly spring to mind] and I wanted to reflect that on the Enforcers so that people would have a trigger. I wanted it to look like a bunch of people hitting a person,” he added.

Co-writer Cho Kyu Seok was another important creative mind to get the Executors idea off the ground. He considered ancient paintings of demons and said he augmented those images with “human attributes taken by hatred.”