Hellraiser Reboot Gets Premiere Date and Short Creepy Teaser


Hellraiser is one of the oldest horror franchises, starting with an original movie from way back in 1987, when Reagan was president and Madonna was a rising star. Based on the 1986 novella “The Hell-Bound Heart” by gormeister and splatterpunk founder Clive Barker, the book (and subsequent film) tells the story of a criminal who gets his hands on a rare puzzle box and assembles this demonic Rubik’s cube. opens the gates to hell.

The new film directed by David Bruckner (“Night House”, “Ritual”) released on Hulu, as announced on their YouTube channel with a small teaser showing the magazine for the film and a look at the most famous monster from the Hellraiser franchise. , Pinhead along with release date: October 7, 2022.

The franchise, which includes 4 movies released in theaters, 6 released straight to DVD, comics, action figures, video games and more, began with an original film written and directed by Barker himself, which focused on Kirsty Cotton as she deals with the growing weirdness around her house after how her Uncle Frank took possession of Lemarchand’s puzzle box, rearranged it into a Crying Configuration and received a visit from cenobites, extreme BDSM-style demons dressed in revealing black leather robes and covered with unnecessary operations. They are led by what the audience would call Pinhead (Doug Bradley), a bald, pale leader whose head is driven into a grid with nails hammered into every corner. Frank forces his beloved Julia to kill men in the attic in order to devour them and rebuild himself after being torn to pieces by his first Cenobite visit.

This gave rise to a sequel in which Kirsty went straight to hell (the labyrinth of the gray land of torture), the third takes place in a nightclub. From there, the quality declined until films could no longer be released in theaters. Consequently, they filled the shelves of local blockbusters as one of the horror franchises that ran throughout the 90s and early 00s (along with such other lights as “Children of Corn” and the TV series “Leprechaun”). Now he’s survived one failed attempt to reboot him, an announced series from David Gordon Green, and now this series from Hulu just in time for Halloween this year.

There’s no word on how this new film will affect the future of Green’s HBO series (although anything could happen with the recent acquisition of Discovery). Barker regained the rights to the franchise after legal wrangling, so apparently the new film got his approval. Let’s hope that fans of the series will get all the longing and blood they crave from the twisted world of the Cenobites, and if Pinhead’s face, now played by Jamie Clayton, can be compared to the previous visuals of the series. if nothing else. Fans of Hellraiser have nothing to worry about when the premiere takes place on October 7.


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