Hello to the first malware of the new year


With the arrival of 2021, a new ransomware has also entered our lives. It has been determined that the malware named Babuk Locker demands thousands of dollars from its victims in various countries.

Pay attention to Babuk Locker software

Security researcher Chuong Dong, who is analyzing the new type of malware, stated that they are dealing with an algorithm that exploits multi-threaded encryption and Windows Restart Manager, just like Conti and REvil software. Dong also mentioned that the creators of Babuk Locker have very unprofessional coding skills, but the encryption scheme used is also quite good.

Efforts to recover files without paying ransom to the victims of the malware continue unabated. According to Techradar’s report, it is stated that there have been ransom demands ranging from 60 thousand to 85 thousand so far.

Once the ransomware is enabled, it terminates Windows processes preventing encryption on the victim’s device. It then creates a ransom note with instructions on how to negotiate with software operators. It has also been confirmed by some users that the people using the malware provide evidence that they steal the files.

In addition, hackers threaten to leak information stolen into hacker forums to extort money from victims. Among the victims of the ransomware, for now, it has been identified as an elevator company, a manufacturer of medical test products, and an air conditioning company.

While businesses hope 2021 will be dull in terms of ransomware, Babuk Locker software says otherwise. A number of high-profile companies have been attacked with ransomware last year, including Foxconn and Kmart.


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