“Hello, Mars”: the song recorded with the sounds of Mars

After the Perseverance rover landed on the surface of Mars last week, the associate administrator of NASA’s Directorate of Scientific Missions, Thomas Zurbuchen, asked the question: “Who will compose the first song with the sound of Mars?” Space.com musician and journalist Chelsea Gohd took the challenge and composed the first song with sounds captured on the red planet.

With Foxanne’s stage name, Chelsea wrote the song called “Hello, Mars” the day after Zurbuchen’s comment. According to her, the excerpts “I feel like I’m hearing for the first time, seeing for the first time” (“I feel like I’m hearing for the first time, seeing for the first time”) refer to the microphone and cameras of Perseverance , which allowed society to see and hear the sounds of Mars for the first time.

The opening of the song has a few seconds of the Martian wind. “It is deeply strange, while reminding the soft sounds of planet Earth. I could listen to this audio all day long. But instead, I decided to take the historical record and turn it into a song,” reported Chelsea on the website. Space.


Since landing, NASA has released a variety of information from Mars, including photos, videos and audios. The first images released by the agency show the exact moment when the space vehicle entered the planet’s atmosphere. The sound captured by Perseverance – the first audio recorded on another planet – is available on the NASA website, in two versions: an original, which includes the noise of the rover’s equipment, and a filtered one, which includes only the sound of the wind. According to Zurbuchen, the recording can be used freely.



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