Hello Games’ new game (No Man’s Sky) will be “big”


Sean Murray advances new details of what he wants his new video game to be, whose date, name and platforms remain unknown.

The next video game from Hello Games, the authors of No Man’s Sky and the recent The Last Campfire, will be as ambitious as said project. Sean Murray, head of the studio and the main person in charge of communicating with the media, has spoken with Polygon about his new work, whose development has already begun. The desire to do something great is evident in his argument.

Without going into specific details about the state of this development, the platforms to which it will be directed or a possible name, he has limited himself to saying that it will be “a large, ambitious game, like No Man’s Sky”, surely one of the titles that More has evolved over the years through expansions, corrections and changes that have brought the experience of the title closer than ever to what was promised back in 2015 and 2016.

Hello Games is currently made up of 26 workers, a far greater number than the 15 who started with No Mans Sky. Of that figure, 3 people continue to support The Last Campfire, while the other 23 are divided between those who support the No Man’s Sky updates and those who have already started with this unknown proposal that, according to their words, is far from seeing the light.

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