How did the helicopter crash that caused the death of Kobe Bryant?


The legendary players of the American basketball league NBA, Kobe Byrant, died in a helicopter crash yesterday. The reason for the accident that Byrant lost his life has not yet been announced by the official institutions. However, TMZ magazine site announcing Bryant’s death, following the clues, claimed that the accident occurred due to heavy fog and pilot error.

News about the helicopter crash that Kobe Byrant lost his life continues to come. While the cause of the accident is not explained by the official institutions; TMZ magazine site, announcing the news of the death of Byrant, made a claim about the cause of the accident based on the tower speeches and the statements of eyewitnesses. TMZ claimed that the accident was due to heavy fog and pilotage error.

According to the news of TMZ, the helicopter took off despite the heavy fog. Everything happened very quickly after the helicopter remained. Losing its direction in the dense fog, the helicopter fell 15 minutes after takeoff. TMZ claims that the helicopter crashed due to the pilot error along with heavy fog.

Allegedly, the pilot of the helicopter contacted the Burbank Airport control tower at 9:30 am in the USA. The pilot started circling due to heavy fog. Unable to provide a proper viewing angle, the pilot turned to the west. The pilot, heading west because of the fog, faced an even dense layer of fog and turned the direction of the helicopter to the south this time. The helicopter heading south was also the main reason for the accident because there was a mountain from the south.

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Heading south, the pilot raised the helicopter from 1200 feet to 2000 feet. At 09:45, the helicopter crashed while it was still at 1700 feet. The helicopter is reported to crash into the mountain at a speed of 298km. The witnesses, who saw the fall of the helicopter, said that the helicopter, which crashed at a great speed, immediately ignited.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the news, there has not been an official explanation regarding the cause of the accident that Kobe Bryant died. Based on the information it has obtained, TMZ magazine site makes only an estimate of the cause of the accident. The cause of the accident will be understood only when a statement comes from the official institutions.

The path Kobe Byrant’s helicopter took before falling down is as follows:


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