Helena Bonham Carter Was In the Crown, But Believes the Netflix Show Should No Longer Continue


When “The Crown” began, it was a historical drama; Claire Foy and Matt Smith led the cast on the history of the royal family in the late 1940s and early 50s. However, now the show is catching up with history, which means that what is happening now can be depicted in the show, and as we got closer to this point, the criticism around the show became more and more. Now Helena Bonham Carter, who played Princess Margaret in seasons 3 and 4, talks about why, in her opinion, the series should not “continue”.

Given that Carter played Princess Margaret in the Netflix series for a while, The Guardian asked her about the future of the show. The journalist mentioned her work on “The Crown” because of Prince Harry’s book “Spare”, they also said that the series for Netflix would be easy to write now. Meanwhile, Carter just thinks the series shouldn’t go on, saying:

I have to be careful here too, but I don’t think they should continue, really. I’m in it, and I liked my episodes, but now everything is completely different. When “The Crown” began, it was a historical drama, and now it has crashed into the present. But it depends on them.

It’s clear that Carter doesn’t want “The Crown” to collapse even further into the present, however, she enjoyed her time spent on the series. Back in 2020, the actress said that playing the princess was a “gift”, despite the fact that the role caused her anxiety. She also said that she enjoyed playing the princess who died in 2002 because she was “complicated and confusing” and that “she’s never boring.”

While she enjoyed her experience on the show, Carter stated that it should not continue, she also made it clear that she did not want to comment on what the royal family is currently going through. Despite the fact that her character in “The Crown” is also the second child, she did not consider it necessary to comment on Prince Harry’s book full of accusations and revelations, saying:

I really don’t want to contribute to all of this. It’s complicated and will be taken out of context. And I think enough attention has been paid to him.

The book and the fifth season of The Crown, which aired at the end of 2022, have been sharply criticized for the way they depict the royal family. For example, a friend of the royal family said that the series “denigrates” the family, and said that they are “horrified” by the last season of the show. Meanwhile, Imelda Staunton, who plays Queen Elizabeth II in the latest season, said it’s understandable why people feel “sensitive” about the new season, but also said the series was written with “respect” for the royal family.

It’s clear that as “The Crown” gets closer to the present time, things are likely to get a little more confusing, since many of the characters in the series are still alive and working.

To watch the first five seasons of The Crown, witness Carter’s performance as Princess Margaret, and see how recent events are depicted in the series, you can stream the historical drama with a Netflix subscription.


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