Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu in “Shazam 2” is a dream come true, says director


David F. Sandberg says casting Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu in Shazam! “Rage of the Gods” has become a dream come true. Sandberg’s first Shazam! The film was released in 2019, striking critics and viewers with its bright cinematography and carefree tone and earning a decent income of $ 366 million with a budget of $ 80-100 million. The success of the film inspired WB and DC to quickly develop a sequel, in which Asher Angel and Zachary Levy returned as the main teenager Billy Batson and his titular superhero alter ego.

Shazam Release! scheduled for the upcoming Christmas. 2 excited fans for a number of reasons. Firstly, the film got a stir after the costume updates for the whole Shazam family first appeared in it, and later concept art with exciting mythical locations and creatures aroused more interest in the film. Recently, the Shazam program! The “Rage of the Gods” trailer was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2022, and it featured new villains, the Daughters of Atlas – Hesperus and Calypso, played by Mirren and Liu, respectively. While the secrets of their backstory remain, the villains seem to be a serious threat, despite the forces of the Shazam family.

During the WB press conference after SDCC 2022, Sandberg discussed with Screen Rant what he thinks about Mirren and Liu joining his sequel. The director is clearly delighted with their casting; he intended to find several first-rate stars for the role of antagonists in his film and was completely amazed when the stars agreed to act in the film. After watching their films, Sandberg is a fan of Mirren and Liu, and his wish was fulfilled by getting the opportunity to work with them. Read below what he said.

“I mean, first of all, it’s a dream come true. I’ve watched movies with Lucy and Helen, and now I’m working with them — it’s just amazing. They’re just the best. parts, we thought: “Let’s try to find the biggest and best actresses we can.” And we could because they said yes. It’s amazing.”

I wonder when Sandberg announced the casting for the role of Shazam! 2, he offered Mirren as his dream for the role of the older evil sister. So it is undoubtedly the fulfillment of the director’s dream that Mirren agreed to a role in his film. By all means, Mirren and Liu deserve to be added to Shazam! 2 generated. Levy had previously teased that his new film partners were cool and cool, and the movie’s trailer further reinforced that idea after Mirren and Liu’s spiteful antics exceeded fans’ expectations.

Since the villains Mirren and Liu have no direct analogues in DC comics, Sandberg is free to create fascinating stories for his characters with complete freedom to add any twists he likes. And since the director values actresses so highly, he must have tried to develop rich storylines for their characters, ensuring that they will be considered among the most memorable DCEU villains. Right now there is no word on Mirren and Liu’s future in DCEU after Shazam! 2, but given their star power, DC and WB might consider moving them to other movies or going through the Hesperus and Calypso stories in a different way. Sandberg’s enthusiasm for the villains in Shazam! “Rage of the Gods” only increases the anticipation for the film, indicating that Mirren and Liu’s performances will be the most enjoyable elements when the film is released in theaters.


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