Helen Fisher’s Christmas Show canceled: That’s why!


Helen Fisher (38) comments on the failure of her Christmas show! In 2011, The Helen Fisher Show was broadcast for the first time. Since then, the pop singer has been delighting the public with international stars and excellent performances during the Christmas season year after year. Unfortunately, last year the TV show had to be canceled – as well as this year. Now Helen herself has explained the reasons for this!

“I am very sorry that we had to cancel our Christmas show. It’s still too uncertain this year because you don’t know what might happen to us again in the fall. With bated breath in the night,” comments Bild, “it is impossible to assess whether and what restrictive measures will be taken this year.

The fact that the performance cannot take place in December is very upsetting for Helen herself. “People have high hopes for this show, I probably have the most. This is the crown of the year for me with many international guests and, of course, with huge logistical and financial efforts,” she added in conclusion.


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