Held Today, Here’s How to Live Streaming ‘MMA 2021’


The award ceremony titled ‘MMA 2021‘ or ‘Melon Music Awards 2021‘ was finally held. As scheduled, the award ceremony will be held on Saturday (04/12).

This award ceremony was attended by various K-Pop singers and idols such as IU, Lee Mujin, Heize, Lim Young Woong, MSG Wannabe, TXT, The Boyz, ENHYPEN, Brave Girls, and STAYC.

Not only welcoming the award trophy, through this award ceremony the various K-Pop singers and idols above will also present spectacular stage acts.

K-Pop fans in Indonesia can watch the live broadcast of the ‘Melon Music Awards 2021‘ through the JOOX application.

JOOX paid VIP users in Indonesia can watch live broadcasts of this entire series of events from anywhere. JOOX free users can also watch a 60 minute preview of this event. But don’t worry, all users can also watch the reruns, only on JOOX.