Heinz Reveals Why He No Longer Sponsors Steelers Stadium

There was big news about sports teams in Pittsburgh on Monday.
Evgeni Malkin told the Pittsburgh Penguins that he was going to test the free agent market, but before that happened, Heinz Field was no more.
Heinz is officially no longer a sponsor of Steelers Stadium after he severed his 21-year relationship with the team. Steelers Stadium will now be called “Acrisure Stadium”.
It is reported that Acrisure has agreed to pay more than $ 10 million a year for the rights to the name. Heinz wasn’t a fan of it.
“While we have been working hard with the Steelers for months on a new naming rights deal, they have found a new partner willing to pay significantly more than we could justify,” Heinz said in a statement (first transcribed by ProFootballTalk).
This means that ketchup bottles will be lowered over the stadium.
However, do not expect that the Yinzers will suddenly start calling the stadium by a new name. For them, it will always be Heinz Field.