Heidi Klum Shared A New Photo Today, Heidi Klum Set Instagram on Fire


Heidi Klum shared a new photo today. Every fans excited every post. The supermodel was probably seen topless on the bed post. With her back to the camera, she looked over her right shoulder for a smile.

The most striking was the dark witch’s hat with a light, all capitalized font that says “Moschino”. One of the hands of Tom Kaulitz, The Making The Cut star, can be seen touching her back.


This photo garnered more than 45,000 likes in just one hour. Fans sent their love in the comments section.

Heidi is known for her great, annual Halloween bash, and last year, captivated her fans with a convincing Fiona costume. Tom went as Shrek and they are probably the focus of attention all night.

Before this update, the supermodel was captivated by a pink, frilly dress. Heidi turned around and showed her floral dress with wide sleeves and a short skirt. She was seen jumping a little and clearly having fun. The video also used a vintage-looking filter.


This update has been viewed more than 450,000 times.

Stay on her Instagram page for more updates, considering Heidi and Tom chose a couples costume last year.

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