Heels: Stephen Amell drama gets unreleased trailer


Heels: The Starz channel released, on Monday (19), a trailer with previously unreleased scenes from Heels, a new drama series starring Stephen Amell. The video focuses on the protagonist, Jack Spade’s struggle against his own inner demons.

The plot will tell the story of Jack and Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig), brothers who are professional wrestlers in the modality of wrestling, popularly called in Brazil “free fight”. They will need to deal with the death of their father and the fact that the family’s legacy in the ring must be protected.

Check out the trailer with almost 3 minutes below:

Announced in 2019, the series suffered from delays because of the coronavirus pandemic. It will again put actor Stephen Amell in the spotlight, as he has spent part of the past 8 years recording Arrow and other Warner Bros. productions. like The Flash and Supergirl.

Heels will feature professional wrestling athletes such as Cody Rhodes and CM Punk. Michael Waldron, Loki’s lead writer, will be one of the executives, along with Mike O’Malley (showrunner) and Peter Segal (director).

The series premieres on August 15 this year on the Starz channel.