Heels: All About The Debut of Stephen Amell’s New Series (spoilers)


Last Sunday (15), the series Heels debuted on the closed channel Starz, featuring Stephen Amell in the role of the protagonist Jack Spade. The production focuses on the story of two brothers who are professional free fighters. However, after their father’s death, the pair must deal with some very important issues, including the family’s legacy in the ring.

However, some issues arise for the daily lives of both, who will have to carry out some interventions in their routine. Learn more about the series debut with our recap!

Heels: the legacy of a family in the wrestling ring

Although, at first glance, Heels seems like an energetic and brawling series, watching the first episode you can see that there are several consistent elements of a wrestling-themed family drama to be delivered to viewers. In a small Georgia town, viewers are introduced to a very interesting rivalry, focusing on the two protagonist brothers.

In the beginning, Jack Spade is presented as a protagonist who seems to carry a lot in his luggage, including numerous personal and financial problems. All of this is necessary to promote a business that he is trying to make, related to his routine as a fighter.

Despite having captive spectators in its audience, there are more resourceful personalities that threaten that continuity in Florida Wrestling Dystopia. There are countless advertising videos and even free tickets to attract the clientele. It’s clear to Jack that someone is trying to boycott the Spades.

In this sense, the plot is only completed with the appearance of Ace (Alexander Ludwig), the younger brother of Jack, who has everything to be the main antagonist of the series. He accuses Jack of preventing him from taking new flights, above all, to be able to deceive the public with a certain rivalry and sell more tickets.

Despite thinking like that, Ace doesn’t think so well, appearing to be easily manipulated by anyone. His personality is enchanted when he is in the spotlight. So when he realizes he has fans who believe in his potential, something inside him is instantly activated. That way, he plans as soon as possible to take the title of the wrestling championship belt out of his brother’s hands.

The family ring’s maintenance problems only increase and Jack’s life has other impacting details, such as the routine of his son and a supportive wife. It is remarkable to realize that he still suffers greatly from the death of Tom, his father, who may or may not have committed suicide.

Jack and Ace then have a big argument, in which the latter argues about deserving the current belt. In the rings, the duo fights in an overwhelming way. Ace is defeated, but later hits Jack and is cursed by the audience for his actions. Jack, however, knew all this would happen.

That night, a national league scout was watching closely, but ended up leaving after conflicts between the brothers. The rivalry seems to remain intact, it remains to be seen whether Ace will help Jack on his journey from now on.


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