Heechul Talks About His Relationship With Momo For The First Time


The Super Junior member gave a series of honest statements

During an episode of the program ‘Petionista Taengoo’, Super Junior’s Heechul met with one of the most recognized vocalists of SM entertainment, Taeyeon. While both took care of their respective dogs, they began to talk about the personality of their pets in similarity to their own, as well as certain difficulties in caring for them.


The idols who have known each other since the beginning of their careers have created a bond of trust, so eventually an honest talk took place.

Heechul talked about the speculation that arose around the announcement of his relationship with Momo de Twice, sharing that he felt bad for fans, both his and her. However, although he imagined that he would receive bad comments, he instead received many congratulations on the matter, so he questioned himself about whether he had worked hard enough to deserve that support.


The Super Junior member frankly confessed that receiving so many messages of support from ELF after the announcement of their relationship made him feel a little guilty. In addition, Heechul revealed that he had been preparing a solo release, but given the circumstances he preferred to postpone it for fear that his actions would be misunderstood by his fans, however, he is sure that eventually the music he had prepared for his album will come to the light.

You can watch the full episode here: https://www.vlive.tv/video/172325