Heechul reveals how he feels about the hate k-pop idols receive


The idol decided to move away from social networks after the death of his friend.

Heechul is known for being one of the rappers for Super Juior and for hosting several variety shows in South Korea. The idol is characterized by having various friends in K-pop thanks to his personality.

However, not only has she paused her activities with her group, she also decided to move away from social networks after the death of her friends Sulli and Goo Hara , since she considers that the hatred received is enough. We tell you what he said.

In a recent episode of ‘Love of 7.7 Billion’ , the idol confessed how he feels after the loss of 2 of his great friends. Heechul admitted that it was difficult to realize the reality: Knetizens spread hatred even after the death of a person.

The idol explained that when everything happened, he wanted to post something on his social networks , but he read various comments about harassment by men, women often judge others and it was something that really infuriated him, so he decided to stay away from everything. that.


His partner Shin Dong Yup, a famous comedian, also shared that Sulli was not happy and it is painful to know that someone never felt good due to the malicious comments. Heechul admitted that he was concerned about Sulli’s emotional health , but acknowledged his bravery after appearing on a show that addressed negative posts against other people.

The harassment and hate unnecessary to idols is common in Korea of the South, either by the haters or knetizens commenting any publication, therefore the fans require agencies to consider the mental health and implement legal measures against these attacks.


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