Heechul of Super Junior is in quarantine


Super Junior’s Heechul was absent from Super Junior’s 15th anniversary after undergoing a preventive quarantine.

SM Entertainment’s K-pop group celebrated 15 years of experience with their fans and released a commemorative song titled “The Melody”, the lyrics of which talk about their history, their memories and the gratitude to their fans for supporting them for so many years; However, Heechul was unable to take part in the online event as he is under quarantine for the Wuhan flu.

Through VLive, Super Junior held a live broadcast to celebrate their 15th anniversary, the boys shared emotional messages, as well as news about the health of Heechul, who had to absent himself from the party due to a quarantine, in addition, he is still in He doubts his participation in the concert that they will carry out at dawn this Saturday.

The SM idols worried the fans after the announcement that the singer was absent due to having to present the test for the current pandemic virus, although they managed to communicate with him via cell phone during the live broadcast. Leeteuk, leader of the K-pop group, was in charge of explaining the situation Heechul is going through.


The Super Junior member is one of the best known faces on Korean TV, since he participates in various shows such as Knowing Bros, in addition to his leg injury, his constant schedule does not allow him to promote with his peers, he also visits several studies and places, so he was recently exposed in an area where there was a virus patient.

As a preventive measure, Heechul decided to self-quarantine himself and take the test to rule out any risk, not only for his health, but for those who work with him and lived in his environment, in addition to having to perform the online concert ” The Invitation ”this Saturday.

Neither the SM agency nor its leader gave more details about it, about whether he had contact with the sick person, but it was clarified that he does not present any symptoms. Until now, the idol is waiting for the results of his exam so he can continue with his schedule in a normal way and rule out any risk of contagion for him and his companions.


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