Hedgeye CEO Damages For Selling Bitcoin


Hedgeye’s CEO, Keith McCullough, announced that he sold all of his Bitcoins this week, Bitcoin has gained nearly 6% in value.

Hedgeye Risk Management CEO Keith McCullough, who announced that he sold all of his Bitcoins on Twitter on October 6, was considered one of the important Bitcoin bulls until a few weeks ago. Emphasizing that the monthly return of bitcoin fell by 7.1% and stated that it was entered into Quad 4, McCullough said that the inflation increase in the US will slow down in Quad 4 and the deflation process will begin.

According to Hedgeye Risk Management’s model known as Growth, Inflation and Policy (GIP), it was stated that gold and Bitcoin prices, which are seen as a safe haven against the dollar, which is losing value, may decline during the Quad 4 process as the US economy begins to recover.

After announcing that he sold all of his Bitcoins, McCullough said he believed that BTC had reached this point from $ 20,000 and would return to its old days and criticized the people who spoke that McCullough was wrong, labeling Bitcoin users for moving away from mathematics.

After Keith McCullough criticized Bitcoin investors that they were acting emotionally by holding the Bitcoin, which was going to fall, and sold all of the Bitcoins he owned, Bitcoin gained a value of approximately 6%.

Damaged 6% in 4 days

Bitcoin, which gained about 6% in the four days after Keith McCulloug sold the BTC in his hand, damaged the investment expert.

McCullough, who sold his Bitcoins at $ 10,700 on October 6, took a loss as Bitcoin reached 11,300 levels in four days.

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