Hedge Investors Warned: “Chainlink Will Fall 99 Percent”


Due to the extremely strong price performance in recent months, Chainlink (LINK) has naturally attracted some attention from every corner of the cryptocurrency industry.

Most of this attention was positive. Jason Williams, a partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, said that LINK could reach up to $ 50,000 sometime during the recent bullish trend.

“Chainlink (LINK) Can Fall Up to $ 0.07”

Still, some are skeptical of the LINK project. The most important example of this is Zeus Capital, a cryptocurrency fund based in Hong Kong and London, and recently published a comprehensive report showing that LINK will drop by about 99% to reach $ 0.07.

The last sentence in the report says, “Based on our findings, we opened the short position in LINK and we will keep it up to the target of $ 0.07.

Although LINK has dropped slightly since the report was published, Zeus Capital remains a controversial issue in the crypto community. The company became controversial after its share was restricted, later removed, and the report about Chainlink was deleted from Docsend.

In his latest promotions and tweets, Zeus Capital stated that LINK’s price believes that “whales” and “manipulated” by the team, and Chainlink’s core technology has little value.

LINK Falls

It is important to note that even though Zeus Capital’s findings are not confirmed, Chainlink has fallen strongly since the local summits. LINK has dropped nearly 19 percent since its summit earlier this month.

The rise of crypto market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum causes the altcoins to fall. The withdrawal of Chainlink seems to be appropriate for this scenario for now.

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