Heavy Metal Machines (HMM) hits consoles in February


Hoplon, developer and pubisher of Heavy Metal Machines, announces that the game will hit consoles on February 23. The multiplayer of car battles has been available for PC since 2018 and will now be released for the previous generation of consoles and also the most current. Players of PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and also Xbox Series X / S will be able to play in the free game to the sound of Heavy Metal in a few days.

Check out the Heavy Metal Machines trailer for the consoles below.

HMM is now available in 70 countries and now comes to consoles with cross-platform, meaning players will be able to compete with each other no matter what device they are playing on. In addition, all PlayStation users (Sony) and Xbox Gold and GamePass Ultimate (Microsoft) subscribers will be presented in the first two weeks with exclusive packages that include the season’s Battle Pass, characters and other items. On PlayStation, all players will have access to the game, requiring no PlayStation Plus subscription.

Free also in this new version, the game guarantees that it is not pay-to-win, the sales that happen in-game are only cosmetic, including emotes, sprays, visual effects and skins that do not help in the victory.