Heavy Bill to Bitcoin (BTC) Investors!


Bitcoin (BTC) price fell sharply at noon today, as we have reported in our previous report. The leading cryptocurrency, which exceeded $ 12,000 yesterday, has retreated to $ 11,100 today. The cryptocurrency was trading at $ 11,320 at the time of writing.

According to data firm Bybt, this decline in Bitcoin mainly hit investors who expected a rise. According to the data, 64 thousand 707 people have liquidated their positions in the last 24 hours. Bybt announced the liquidation of the approximately $ 656.66 million position. 91% of these positions were longs.

According to the data, the largest single liquidation order was realized at Bitmex with $ 8.99 million.

The liquidations in the stock exchanges were as follows:

  • Huobi: $ 217 million (92% long)
  • Okex: $ 163 million (88% long)
  • Binance: $ 142 million (93% long)
  • Bitmex: $ 72 million (94% long)
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