Heaven for Two: Repentant Song Ji A Posts Video Apologizing to Her Fans


The latest dating reality TV sensation. Heaven for Two, also known by its English title as Single’s Inferno, has not stopped occupying the headlines of the international show after having premiered its first season on the Netflix platform on December 18. The 8 episodes of the program have been available in the streaming server’s catalog of options since last January 8.

Starring Kim Hyeon Joong, Moon Se Hoon, Shin Ji Yeon, Kim Jun Sik, Kang So Yeon, Choi Si Hun, An Yea Won, Oh Jin Taek, Kim Su Min, Seong Min Ji, Cha Hyun Seung and Song Ji A, It is this last one that has generated the most interest since its first appearance on the screen, at first because it was the member of the group that caused the most sighs among the singles and later because of the great popularity that it began to enjoy, until it was interrupted. for the controversy.

Song Ji A is known for being a 25-year-old popular beauty content creator and YouTuber who won the hearts of three of the cast members of Heaven for Two. According to her Instagram profile @dear.zia, the South Korean native of Busan graduated from Hanyang University in 2020, where she majored in traditional Korean dance. Although she had already taken some steps in the entertainment industry beyond her career as an influencer, it was her appearance on the famous Netflix reality show, the boost that she undoubtedly needed to project the image of her.

Unfortunately, the young rising star began to receive negative criticism after being singled out for wearing clothes, designer jewelry and other items considered counterfeit luxury with the logo of famous international brands, which she used during her participation in the program and in some publications on their social networks. This situation has brought Song Ji A to start experiencing the so-called cancellation culture, to the point that her pre-recorded participation in some other variety shows has been highly questioned by the public.

Her image was recently removed from the MBC variety show The Manager, scheduled to air on January 29, where the young woman appeared sharing the screen with actress Kang Ye Won. While in the case of the program, Ask Us Anything, also known as Knowing Bros, from the JTBC network, although it was broadcast on January 23, the production explained that it eliminated its intervention as much as possible without harming the singer and rapper Lee Young Ji, who appeared on screen together with her as a guest.

Although Song Jin A published an apology written in her own handwriting on her Instagram account in which she has deleted all her posts (except the apology), everything seems to indicate that the controversy has not lowered its intensity, so she decided to also appear on public through a video on her YouTube channel in which she visibly affected apologizes to her fans once again.

At first, the young woman began by regretting that it took so long to face the controversy that surrounds her and for worrying the followers who remain loyal to her career. In the 4-minute video with comments disabled, the former participant of Cielo para dos acknowledged not assessing in time the responsibility that her position as a Youtuber represents by not verifying the clothes that she presented on her social networks and the damage that she could provoke.

Lastly, Ji A made a request to the general public not to lash out at her family on social media, adding that for the time being all of her YouTube videos have been made private and that from now on she will dedicate herself to spending a good time reflecting on your actions:

Hi, I’m Song Ji A.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in this apology video. I would also like to apologize for worrying everyone. As for the ongoing controversy regarding my use of counterfeit products, I admit it all and would like to admit that it is all my fault.

I should have been more careful as someone who runs a YouTube channel, but I have damaged the value of the brand by using counterfeit products. Also, I’ve disappointed everyone who ever believed in me and I’m sorry.

At first, I bought the items strictly because they were pretty, and then I started getting a lot of love from the public. I couldn’t come to my senses and found myself falling deeper into imitations. I feel so sorry and all I can think of when I look back is how pathetic I was.

When I look back at a time when I received so much love from people, I should have looked at myself internally, but I couldn’t. I kept falling deeper and focused my energy on the Song Ji AI that I wanted to show the public.

Regarding that, I feel sorry and I’m reflecting on my decisions. I am so sorry.

After the controversy of counterfeiting, I have been reading the advice and reproaches of all. I have been reflecting on my actions every day. I recognize my shortcomings and I regret my actions. I have been living while reflecting on my actions. Sorry.

Also, my fans who love me and my family members have been extremely hurt by my actions and misdeeds. Because of this, I feel the seriousness of the situation even more. It’s all my fault, so I ask you to stop criticizing my family. Sorry.

I also wanted to say that ever since I started my YouTube channel, my love for the Pringies (fans) has been sincere. In the midst of all this, however, it was rumored to be fake and many of my fans were hurt by this. But I want to say that it was always true and I want to say I’m sorry.

I have made all my videos on my channel private. I will take the time to continually reflect on my actions. I will personally bear the consequences of my actions to the end.

I’m really sorry.