Heartworms Announced The Debut EP “Consolation Concept” With The Single “Retribution of a Terrible Life”.


Heartworms have announced details about the debut EP “A Comforting Notion” — listen to the new single “Retributions Of An Awful Life” below.

A new collection from NME 100 graduates will be released on March 24 at Speedy Wunderground.

“Retributions Of An Awful Life” comes along with an official video from Niall Trask and Dan Matthews, of which Heartworms said in a statement: “The lyric song itself is very disturbing, I wanted it to come alive in action. I had the idea to equip myself in full military uniform without specific regiments, in black and white clothes, to dip my body in cold water and wet mud. It was out of my comfort zone because I can’t swim; deep water scares me a lot, especially when it’s cold and in full military gear.

“Few artists/bands I know have done something so raw,” she added. “I didn’t want to shoot a trendy video with cute dancers or cute wallpaper pasted with an airbrush filter — I wanted to absorb new pain, bring punishment to life, overcome fears, while maintaining ruthlessness next to my friends. To put your body through something frightening just for the sake of art… there’s something exciting about it.”

Watch the video below and pre-order for “A Comforting Notion” here.

In the new NME list of 100 new bands for 2023, we said about Heartworms: “Recently signed to the cult label Speedy Wunderground by midas touch producer Dan Carey (The Lounge Society, Honeyglaze), Jojo Orme, also known as Heartworms, has made a name for himself. for herself with her winning post-punk sound and Manics’Holy Bible’-esque military attire.

“Inspired by the dark corners of ’80s indie, the hypnotic sounds of early Interpol and the sheer power of P.J. Harvey, the world of Heartworms is dark but rich -a lyrical fist in the face of mediocrity. Get dark and come down.”

In March, Heartworms will embark on a UK tour, which will include a show dedicated to the release of the EP, at London’s Lexington.

See the dates below and buy tickets here.

MARCH 2023
22 –Green Door Store, Brighton
23 – The Lexington, London
24 – Dead Wax Digbeth, Birmingham
25 – Yes (Basement), Manchester

Speaking to NME last year for a Radar article, Orme, her live performance is a chance to shatter “preconceived notions about the smallness and fragility of a female musician,” adding: “In the music industry, being a woman will always be a problem. Some men find it difficult to praise your work. It’s like, “Don’t pay attention to my gender, listen to the work.”


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