“Heartstopper”: Keith Connor denied rumors:”I don’t feel like I need to label myself”


So far, the Netflix series Heartstopper has become a beacon of hope and love thanks to its LGBT history. Almost all the main characters have their own path of self-discovery when it comes to their sexuality. But fans on social media have taken it upon themselves to suggest the sexuality of the core cast of Heartstopper, especially in relation to Keith Connor. Connor plays the main role of Nick Nelson and expresses his opinion on this.

Keith Connor plays a handsome rugby player who begins to fall in love with a “Heartstopper”.

Labeled as “anti-Euphoria,” Heartstopper tells a more interesting story about young love, friendship, and reconciliation with his sexuality. Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) was openly gay at school for a while, but was bullied. While Charlie is sure of who he is, his secret boyfriend Ben Hope (Sebastian Croft) wants to keep it a secret.

When Charlie sits down with his new roommate Nick Nelson, Charlie begins to feel butterflies. He soon falls in love, despite the fact that everyone says that Nick is a rude rugby player who can’t possibly be gay.

For Charlie, he sees Nick’s kindness to him and openness to being seen with him at school. Their growing friendship also makes Nick question his sexuality and feelings. Not knowing what they mean, he googles quizzes and answers to figure it out. Charlie’s friends doubt Nick because of his image, but soon realize that he has fallen in love with Charlie.

Actor Keith Connor and the cast play LGBTQ characters on screen, but some online fans believe they have the right to doubt the actor’s sexuality.

Keith Connor is confident in his sexuality, but does not believe labels

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