Hearthstone to launch Essential Set and Classic Format


BlizzConline is scheduled for the 19th and 20th of February and, of course, Hearthstone fans can expect a lot of news there! Blizzard has already confirmed on the game’s official website that it will give a lot of focus to the Classic Format and Essential Set during its virtual fair.

With the launch of the next expansion, the Year of the Dragon card sets will soon go into Free format, and that will take the Classic and Basic sets there too, freeing the way for the new thing: the Essential Set, which replaces classic cards and standard format for 235 cards.

It will be completely free for all players and comes with the aim of making the title more accessible for newbies. Its cards include from 29 new cards to some reimaginations of fan favorites, consisting of:

88 cards from the classic set (54 class and 34 neutral);
54 cards from the basic set (41 class and 13 neutral);
55 cards from the free set (36 class and 19 neutral);
4 earthland ash cards (4 of the Demon Hunter class);
4 cards from the demon hunter set initiated;
1 hall of fame card (Shadow Form);
29 new cards (20 class and 9 neutral).
Another big news is the Classic Format, a competition focused on the original 240 cards, the way they were planned for 2014, the year of Hearthstone’s release!

It will be made available in the next expansion patch, just before the new content is released, with the aim of mirroring the patch of June 2014, that is, ignoring all the balancing changes made since then! What did you think of the news? Comment below!


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