Hearthstone Players Are Unhappy with the New Premium Currency and Battle Pass Plans


Hearthstone has just released the Sodium Castle Kill add-on, which gives players access to a variety of new maps, mechanics, and more to change the traditional Wild and Standard game modes. However, Hearthstone has several ways to play, and many of its fans don’t even participate in the traditional rating mode of the card game. For example, Hearthstone Battlegrounds has an autobatler mode, which remains popular even with those who do not play regular game modes.

However, some new changes made to Hearthstone’s “Battlefields” mode have angered fans. In particular, Blizzard announced that it plans to introduce an in-game premium currency called Runestones and a battle pass equivalent to Battlegrounds in the form of a Season Pass. As for the first change, the premium currency gradually removes the ability to buy items in the game for real money and replaces it with the equivalent value of the runestone. At first, this caused fear among players, since it is often difficult for a player to get the full return from the premium currency.

Usually premium currency is sold in quantities that do not reflect the price of the item in the in-game store. Gleamium MultiVersus, for example, sets the character’s price at 700 Gleamium, but does not allow the player to buy this amount, instead he has to fork out ten dollars for 1000. However, this has since been clarified by Chadd Nervig, Hearthstone features say that the actual prices in the play store will not change, and the sizes of Runestone kits will “exactly match the best-selling products.”

As for the Season Pass, players are more concerned about the fact that now they can receive certain rewards only for paying with real money. In each new season, two hero slots appear in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Previously, a player could accumulate and buy these hero slots for in-game gold. However, the new season pass changes this, making it impossible for a player who doesn’t want to play to get these extra hero slots.

This angered some Hearthstone players, as those who pay for a season pass will receive two additional hero slots and gain an advantage on the battlefields. Despite the fact that there are many ways to get players to leave with their gold or real money in Hearthstone, usually this tactic revolves around cosmetics and items that do not improve the game. Hearthstone diamond cards, for example, have been present in the game for a long time and allow players to spend money on cool effects without increasing the strength of the card. However, these changes cause concern for any Hearthstone Battlegrounds who does not want to part with their money just to have a level playing field.


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