Hearthstone gains new challenges, profile


Hearthstone has a new look! Blizzard’s popular free card game for PC, Android and iOS received a major update this week and with it came some new systems that make the whole gaming experience even more fun and rewarding!

Last month, Blizzard had kindly invited us to chat with designers Pat Neagle and John McIntyre about the game’s next steps, and now their revelations have come true with the addition of the new diary, more detailed profile page, an unprecedented reward trail and a new system of challenges and achievements!

We had early access to this update, and then we spent a few days playing to check how cool it was and we guarantee it: whether you’re a new Hearthstone player or someone thinking about going back to their Warcraft-inspired card universe, there’s no better time to do the installation and start assembling your decks!

What’s new in the update?

With the new Delírios em Negraluna expansion arriving on November 17th, the game has received one of its biggest updates to date. Shall we check step by step everything you can already enjoy after updating your game via the Blizzard app?

If in the past you only received three daily missions when you started Hearthstone, now, in addition to them, we also have a batch of weekly missions. Notice the new icons on them, indicating that you will now earn valuable points when completing the objectives!

As you earn points, you also progress through the new Rewards Trail. There is a reward for each level you earn, which can range from gold to card packs!

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