Hearthstone, a Year of the Griffin that promises to exciting


We review the news presented during the past and somewhat atypical BlizzCon. This is all that awaits us throughout the next new stage in the Blizzard card game.

Taking into account that in the Hearthstone tavern we are already rushing the final phase of the Year of the Phoenix and coinciding with the unusual date of the last BlizzConline, the Hearthstone team took the opportunity to do an extensive review of all the expected new content and give the official welcome to this next new stage of which we already know the name: the Year of the Griffin.

The truth is that, seeing the amount of extra content that we have ahead of us, this time we are especially in luck. And it is that in addition to the 3 expansions per year to which we are already accustomed, 2021 will bring with it a new set of cards, a new game format and updates in Duels, Battlegrounds and The Book of Heroes (with the addition of ‘The Book of Mercenaries’).

Essential set and classic format

One of the big problems that the game has dragged on for years is the difficulty of catching up with the collection of cards and the creation of viable decks if you are not a regular player. As Game Director Ben Lee pointed out during the Hearthstone panel, the essential set emerges with the main goal that both new players and those who rejoin after a while, have the most solid and satisfying initial experience possible. For this, the Classic and Basic sets will be replaced by a single set of 235 cards known as the ‘essential set’ that will now function as an original set for all players. 29 of those cards will be completely unreleased while others will be old acquaintances from previous sets or even new versions of them.

Access to this set will be completely free and will follow the same pattern as the Basic set: each player will be able to complete it little by little while leveling each of the classes up to level 10. All other neutral cards (not class specific ) will be unlocked later and gradually until the sum of all your class levels combined is 60.


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