Heartbreaking Elven Ring Clip Shows That Four Hours Of Boss Attempts Were Wasted


Since there are several challenging bosses in Elden Ring, it’s not surprising that different players face their own walls stopping progress. For one Elden Ring fan, Godfrey, the First Lord of Elden was their wall, and tragedy struck when it looked like they were finally going to beat them.

According to Reddit user DevoitedSoul, they battled Godfrey for four hours before their heartbreaking final run. However, getting stuck for such a long time is understandable, since Godfrey is close in complexity to such bosses as Radan, Radagon and Malenia. What makes him so difficult is that his first and second forms are completely different as he transforms from a traditional boss into something more unique. As Hoara Lux, Godfrey conducts numerous grappling attacks, all of which are destructive and difficult to evade.

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It was this sudden change of movement sets and cumbersome health scale that probably made Godfrey a nightmare for DevoitedSoul, and the boss is similar to Maliket in the sense that the second stage requires near perfection or a large number of vials to complete. However, after several hours of trying, it seemed that Redditor was about to succeed. From the beginning of the clip, Godfrey’s health bar is incredibly low, and DevoitedSoul can heal him before he is captured. This quick thinking saved their lives, and after healing once more, they approached Godfrey to deliver the final blow.

I fought with him for 4 hours… I almost cried from Eldenring

Unfortunately, that shouldn’t have been the case, as the Redditor had an Elden Ring message on their screen as they jumped into the air and brandished their weapons. Unfortunately, they lost touch when they dealt the final blow to Godfrey. So they were sent back to the main menu, stripped of the winnings they had spent four hours trying to get. If the message had appeared just a few seconds later, Godfrey would have been dead, so it’s understandable that DevoitedSoul was “almost crying” after what happened.

It is not surprising that such a tragic clip has proven itself well in the Elden Ring community, collecting more than 11,600 votes. In the comments, many players shared their condolences, telling DevoitedSoul that they regret what happened and understand their sadness. Others expressed their disappointment by reporting the same annoying disconnections from game servers. Many players would like the game to simply allow them to continue playing after disconnecting, but as some commentators point out, this is a problem in all FromSoftware games except Dark Souls 2.

Videos like this are proof that disconnections should be less harmful, so hopefully the next FromSoftware game will make adjustments to how they work. For this poor player who had been fighting Godry for hours, the disconnect couldn’t have been more devastating.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.