“Heart rate” can be measured with the Xiaomi camera!


Currently, many phones do not have a feature that can measure heart rate. This feature, which is mostly found in smart watches and wrists, is carried to Xiaomi’s cameras. With Xiaomi’s Mi Health app, you can now track your heart rate using your phone’s camera and flash. This means you don’t need a phone with special sensors to take heart rate measurements. Xiaomi camera will measure heart rate!

Xiaomi camera will measure heart rate

It was able to measure heart rate on Samsung’s older flagship phones (such as the Note 9) because it had a special sensor. With the move from Xiaomi, you do not need any special hardware to use this technology, because the heart rate can be measured with the phone’s camera and flash thanks to the Mi Health application.


This actually works like phones with sensor systems. You need to put your finger on the camera part of the phone, then wait for the light to flash. The flash is activated to illuminate and the camera to measure the heart rate and the data is measured.

You need to enter the phone application and switch to the heart rate section. After that, you are already guided with the necessary steps. This feature, which emerged with screenshots, is not currently used, but it seems to reach Xiaomi users with the update in the future.


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