WHO: Healthy people do not wear masks, the mask does not guarantee virus protection


World Health Organization (WHO) Spokesperson Tarık Jasarevic stated that masks do not guarantee protection from the new type of coronavirus and that healthy people should not wear a mask.

Speaking to Sputnik, Jasarevic said that WHO’s view on the mask has not changed, “Health people do not need to wear a mask. People with symptoms should wear a mask to protect others. In addition, patients who care for patients should wear a mask because of the risk of contamination.”

Underlining that the mask alone cannot be a guarantee of virus protection, Jasarevic underlined that the mask should be used with other precautionary measures.

“As a result, people will forget about measures such as washing hands. If you do not know how to wear the mask correctly, you will touch your face more than ever,” Jasarevic warned that masks may create a false sense of security.

Stating that it is necessary to give priority to the provision of personal protective equipment such as masks, glasses, gloves to healthcare professionals all over the world, Jasarevic added that this type of product cannot be achieved if ordinary products are purchased by ordinary people.

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