Health items had 124% increase in e-commerce in March


A study by Cuponation mapped the shopping habits of users of online stores in March of this year, the first in which the quarantine period is largely due to the coronavirus. Of all categories, the one that recorded the biggest increase in sales was health and hygiene, which rose 124% compared to the same month of 2019.

When we look at the other categories, they registered an increase of 40%, indicating that more people started using store websites to purchase their products. A large part of this adhesion is certainly due to the fact that many of these establishments have their physical stores closed during this period – either as determined by local governments or at the initiative of retailers themselves.

Most searched items
Within the most sought after category, the demand for gel alcohol has increased more than seven times in the past few days, followed by masks and soaps. It is also worth remembering that online markets registered a considerable increase in their sales, so much so that many of them are overloaded with the delivery system.

It is worth mentioning that this research is related to workers and entrepreneurs who have a popular and virtual commerce and who are able to make use of the online sales resource. Entrepreneurs who only have physical stores were not recorded in this data.


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