Health detail that will be in Apple’s new generation AirPods


The health detail that will be on Apple’s new generation AirPod has been revealed. As you know, the company is currently keeping its place on the agenda with AirPods Studio. Apple seems to be planning to get involved with AirPods in the healthcare area that attracts attention with its smart watches. Here are the Apple AirPods health details:

Apple AirPods draw attention with its health detail
With the measurement of the oxygen level in the blood of Apple’s smart watches, which is said to be the future for the next generation of AirPods, features such as heart rate calculation may be easier to measure. The health detail for the new AirPods model is remarkable at this point because it means to further intellect this wireless headset.

In the light of the new information in question, it seems that Apple will be adding an “ambient light sensor” to AirPods in a few years to the next generation AirPods models. Thanks to this sensor, it is said that it will gain the features we have just mentioned above. This sensor, called ALS, will be able to work integrated with Apple Watch, combined with other hardware features.

Of course, rumors are not limited to this. Again, thanks to this sensor, it is reported that the head movements of the headset can be detected. If these features are added, Apple’s new generation AirPods seem to be quite improved.

Announcing that Apple’s AirPods Pro model has reached the most popular and good sales figures in the nearest time, the company can make a difference in terms of wireless headphones if it makes this move.


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